Snowline Hospice Leverages Tech Partnership to Drive Patient Engagement


California-based Snowline Hospice is entering a collaborative partnership with tech company CareFlash LLC to provide patients and their families with enhanced supportive care. The collaboration is designed to allow for greater connectivity and help patients and families navigate logistical aspects of end-of-life care.

Hospices have increasingly leveraged technology to ramp up family and patient support. As more tech savvy generations care for aging parents and eventually come to need end-of-life care themselves, the trend towards an expanded technical scope of services is expected to continue.

Through the agreement, Snowline Hospice provides patients and families access to CareFlash’s platform of online caring communities. Deemed “The Careopolis,” these are aimed at enhancing the “quality, depth and durability of supportive connectedness” as loved ones approach the end of life, according to a recent announcement.

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