SNL’s ‘Audacity in Advertising Awards’ sketch mocks Facebook, Amazon ads

Jonathan Majors and Heidi Gardner play Jake from State Farm and Flo from Progressive Insurance, respectively.

  • “Saturday Night Live” tackled the ad industry’s jarring commercials that seem unrelated to the product or service they promote.
  • Cast members parodied ads like a family drama for Facebook Portal and a testimonial about driving for Amazon.
  • Facebook and Amazon made up over a third of digital ad revenue in 2021, with the latter focusing in on TV’s $70 billion ad market.

“Saturday Night Live” took a swing at ad culture, poking fun at some digital advertisers’ commercials.

The late night show’s November 13 episode included a sketch depicting a fictional advertising award ceremony, dubbed the “Audacity in Advertising Awards.”

Actor Jonathan Majors and cast member Heidi Gardner, playing notable ad characters Jake from State Farm insurance and Flo from Progressive insurance, respectively, hosted the ceremony celebrating the most…

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