Smart Money podcast: Pet Scams and Buying Different Home Types


Sean: And it’s going to take a while to get what you want. Here at Garrett’s house in Portland, when we moved in two and a half years ago, the house didn’t have any insulation. In fact, until two months ago, the house had no insulation. So it would get really cold in the winter. And it just had this ancient wall furnace so we were always cold. And eventually, we got that replaced, but it took years to save up enough money to get that done.

Linda: I feel for you because I’m always cold. I’m always cold. So I feel for you.

Sean: Well, I think that we can get on to the other listener question that we got, which is related to this. So they said, they didn’t even ask, they said, “Talk about the pros and cons of condos, co-ops, townhouse, duplex, stand-alone house. And what about those HOAs? Thanks.” A lot going on here. So Linda, I guess, take any of those home types and then just dive in.

Linda: Well, it’s a lot to…

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