Shreveport ranked second worst real estate market in national study


In a recent report, WalletHub announced that Shreveport was the next to worst real estate market to buy a house in the United States. 

The study compared 300 cities across two key dimensions, real-estate market and affordability & economic environment. 

Through an evaluation of those dimensions, each metric was graded on a 100-point scale. The healthiest housing market scored 100. Shreveport’s total score was 29.69 ranking it 299 on the scale of best real-estate markets in the U.S.

Hartford, Connecticut was number 300. 

What does this rank mean? 

Northwest Louisiana Association of Realtors, Association Executive Scott Hughes questioned certain ambiguities in the methodology of this study. 

Hughes pointed out that foreclosure rates are impossible to discover with the COVID-19 foreclosure moratorium and maintenance costs in the Shreveport market are not necessarily comparable to other markets.

Shreveport is home to older buildings and is not like Frisco…

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