Shocking shoot-out video leads to liquor license suspension of business


ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis City excise hearing revealed a shooting on camera as well as a gun being removed from the scene.

A city counselor’s questioning of an SLMPD detective also revealed allegations that Reign Restaurant attempted to hide the shocking video.

A portion of the video, from Dec. 12, 2020, was shown twice during a three-and-a-half-hour hearing. It was from a surveillance video camera in front of Reign.

At one point, you can see a man pull a gun. He holds it at his side, while the man next to him puts his arm around the gunman. An SLMPD officer testified that the second person was a Reign Restaurant security guard.

An argument escalated. The gunman then began shooting and was himself shot at one point. Police identified him as both a victim and a suspect. He continued firing from the ground after he was hit.

A detective testified…

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