Shivshankar Menon on India’s place in the Asian sun : The Tribune India


KP Nayar

It is a sign of the times we live in that even a casual discussion of an insightful book on geopolitics spills over into talk about the Covid-19 pandemic. On a morning walk a few days ago with my two neighbours, both retired Grade I Indian ambassadors, one of them asked if either of us had read “Shankar’s new book”. Shivshankar Menon, author of ‘India and Asian Geopolitics: The Past, Present’, is called Shankar by his seniors in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

The author, one of the foremost contemporary Sinologists, says that while other powers in a crowded Asia are rising, China has already risen. PTI

In response, the other retired envoy said: “Shankar writes in his book that during the 1965 war, he went about Delhi with friends enforcing the blackout against Pakistani air raids. Not the man we know.” The first ambassador responded: “We are like that only. We could all have been blown…

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