Ship shapes: 3-D technology opening new world for exploring underwater wrecks | Education


CHAUMONT — A recent identification of a shipwreck by a pair of veteran divers and historians has shown that regardless of decades of revelations and explorations, there are more secrets to be uncovered under the waves of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.

Also, many of those shipwrecks are being seen in a new light by divers and non-divers, as 3D images created by photogrammetry creates a new way of viewing, exploring and researching those wrecks.

“The technology itself is amazing,” said Kenneth Merryman, avid shipwreck hunter, diver and founding member of the Michigan-based Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society. “I think this is one of those breakthrough technologies that will be used throughout our lives and throughout different areas.”

One of the missions of the preservation society is its…

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