Seychelles Bankers Association issues warning about social media scams


The Seychelles Bankers Association warns that Facebook scams are on the rise. (leakhena Khat) Photo License: CC0

(Seychelles News Agency) – The island nation’s bankers association is warning that Facebook scams, especially those related to romantic liaisons targeting women, are on the rise.

The Seychelles Bankers Association said that people are even being tricked into sending their debit card and pin code abroad, and it warns that most of these scams originate from western African countries.

At a minimum, more than $780,000 has been lost by Seychellois through online scams over the last 20 years, including one local businessman who lost $300,000 to fraudsters and two others who lost S150,000 each, according to the association.  

The association explained that it is concerned over the increasing cases of scams being perpetrated against locals as well as the new methods being used by criminals to defraud…

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