Sewer gas to hydrogen fuel conversion a possibility through new technology – The National Discourse


A new study has shown that it is possible to convert “sewer gas” into clean hydrogen fuel using a chemical process.

Published in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemical Engineering, the study shows how the stinky hydrogen sulfide can be converted to hydrogen gas which in turn can be used as clean fuel. Hydrogen sulfide is an industrial byproduct and is also emitted from manure piles and sewer pipes.

Researchers have shown in the new study how it is possible to use relatively little energy and a relatively cheap material – the chemical iron sulfide with a trace amount of molybdenum as an additive to convert this rotten eggs-like smelling hydrogen sulfide into hydrogen.

Hydrogen sulfide is highly toxic that not only corrodes pipes but is also harmful for people who come in contact of this gas. For years scientists have been looking for ways to convert hydrogen sulfide into something that is not so harmful, preferably valuable.

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