Senior citizen the number one demographic target by scammers: How can you help protect them?


Augusta, GA (WJBF)- Businesses are the number one target of hackers, but what is the number one group of individuals they target?

Many cyber criminals focus on people aged 60 and older to hack or run scams on. They tend to be less tech savvy and less skeptical of suspicious cyber activity.

Steve Foster Special Agent in Charge of the GBI Cyber Crime Center said cyber criminals will hack someone’s Facebook account, pretend to be them, and contact family and friends asking for money or gift cards.

One of the most popular scams are romance scams which target older people who usually have lost a spouse. Foster said widows and widowers are lonely and cyber criminals are quick to exploit that.

He said these scams are so common and work so well that some victims have lost upwards of six figures. Most take place on Facebook where the…

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