Selling hay demands trust and honesty


With mowers and balers safely tucked away in machine sheds, the focus now shifts to marketing and selling the summer’s bounty.

Hay marketing is a business that is built on trust and honesty from people on both ends of the transaction. Unlike selling #2 corn, there are many more variables to consider in the transaction process, and product descriptions can vary widely.

Forage testing is a helpful and sometimes mandatory tool when selling hay, but many buyers (especially horse owners) neither want nor have the knowledge to decipher the plethora of forage quality metrics. This limits analysis to sensory evaluation, which usually entails sight, touch, and smell.

Successful hay marketers learn quickly that being honest with their clients is the only way to keep a loyal customer base. Hay buyers don’t react favorably when they receive a load of hay that wasn’t well represented during a phone call or in an advertisement….

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