Secrets of a top crypto fund — Scam Guards


Chanticleer can already hear the central bankers saying crypto is a Ponzi scheme, a financial empire built on nothing and that bitcoin comprises lines of code that are ultimately worthless.

For Henrik Andersson, a crypto true believer and chief investment officer of Apollo Capital Management, the success of his flagship fund is because of an investment strategy focused on crypto’s disruption of financial services.

The main value creation is happening in what we call decentralised finance.

— Henrik Andersson, Apollo Capital Management

“We made two assumptions when we launched the fund 3½ years ago,” he says. “One was that you need to be actively managed in the crypto space because it’s a very inefficient space.

“The second one is a strong focus on an area within crypto called decentralised finance.

“So those are two strong convictions we had … and they have played out when we compare our returns to a passive…

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