Second Victorian tests positive as NSW records 11 cases and Qld three – as it happened | Australia news


The wonderful Elias Visontay will take you through the rest of the evening, so I can go burn my laptop, which is the only acceptable way of handling this week (and apparently it is just the done thing).

Today was the last sitting ahead of a one month break for the winter holidays, so there won’t be any Politics Live for a while. But the Guardian’s news blog, Australia Live, will be with you as normal from tomorrow, which will be less politics, but just as interesting. Probably more so. Definitely less stabby-stabby.

Thank you to Mike Bowers for all that he does – we could not do this without him. It also couldn’t happen without Katharine Murphy, Sarah Martin, Paul Karp and Daniel Hurst who listen to my screams and then go find out what is actually going on. And then there is a huge list of people who make sure it not only makes sense, but that we are all legally protected (very important in this climate, although I know it can be…

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