SEC sues over Marin Ponzi scheme, seeking $10 million


Details of the largest financial crime in Marin’s history were revealed in a lawsuit filed last week by the Securities and Exchange Commission against the estate of Ken Casey, who operated a Ponzi-like scheme and stole more than $10 million until his death in May 2020. Mr. Casey’s two Novato-based companies, Professional Financial Investors and Professional Investors Security Fund, brought in hundreds of millions of dollars from more than 1,300 victims. Investors believed they were financing a part of 70 residential and commercial properties in the area; in reality, their money was being used to pay prior investors and line the pockets of Mr. Casey and his co-conspirator, Lewis Wallach. “Many of the investors were elderly, retired and relying on their investment income for daily living expenses,” attorney Bernard Smyth wrote. Several West Marin residents were snared in the scheme, and some were given a commission to bring…

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