Seattle appraisal startup Aloft lands $20M from real estate heavyweights

The Aloft team in Seattle. (Photos courtesy of Aloft/Zack Phillips Photography)

The news: Seattle-based real estate startup Aloft raised $20 million to grow its software platform used for home appraisals.

The gist: Founded earlier this year, Aloft aims to make the appraisal process more efficient and accurate with the help of technology. It gives appraisal quotes in two minutes, and facilitates the actual home inspection, which is done by its appraisers.

The company has annualized revenue in the millions of dollars and is working with dozens of large national lenders, as well as smaller regional lenders, offering direct integration into their existing systems. It is operating in Seattle and Portland, with plans to expand.

The founders: Aloft is led by CEO Travis Soukup, a former Facebook manager who spent time at moving and storage company Clutter, and more recently at real estate startup Modus (acquired by Compass)….

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