SCSO warns residents of new phone scam making the rounds – Sheridan Media


The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public to another scam that has begun to make the rounds with Sheridan County residents. 

The scam involves a phone call. Using personal information gathered beforehand, the scammer tells the victim that they have defaulted on a loan. Oftentimes these scammers have former addresses and former places of employment to add to the act of being a legitimate debt collector. 

The scammer lies to the victim telling them they have a defaulted loan, and tells the victim that aggressive legal action will be taken if the victim fails to follow a list of instructions.

Undersheriff Levi Domiguez told listeners of Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse the instructions are a critical point in the phone call for the scammers.

Dominguez suggests hanging up and calling the Sheriff’s Office. Scammers need to keep victims on the line until they know…

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