Scammers using online quizzes, games to gather information, experts say


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Think twice before clicking on the fun quiz while you’re scrolling through social media, the Better Business Bureau warns.

“There’s many legitimated new quizzes coming out, like Wordle, and scammers see those things happening. Just be aware, scammers can mimic or imposter these legitimate companies and these legitimate online resources,” said BBB spokesman Bryan Oglesby.

According to Oglesby, more crooks are gaining access to bank accounts using the free quizzes on social media feeds and gathering personal information with the questions on the quiz.

To avoid falling victim, he suggests researching which websites scammers are targeting, and securing privacy settings to keep imposters off your timeline and away from your information.

See what scams are increasing near your home, here: BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust (

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