Scammers threaten foreclosures against homeowners


CHICO — It’s safe to say the housing market isn’t in a great state in California.

For many families, as well as seniors living on social security, buying and maintaining a home can be a tedious process. Scammers are well aware of the fears and concerns that lurk around owning and paying off a home.

A great way to make some extra cash, or even just collect data on this fear is by the threat of foreclosure.

There are a variety of ways these goons go about targeting homeowners.

According to, one particularly devious way is looking up and contacting individuals whose homes may already be on their way to foreclosure using local newspaper classifieds.

The scammer figures out where to go and can send mail or make phone calls to the individual implying they can help them avoid foreclosure with some money or by providing personal information, usually credit card and social security numbers.

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