Scammers pose as IRS to target second stimulus checks » Scammer News


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With Americans beginning the new year with their $600 stimulus checks, it’s enticing, and easy, for scammers to insert themselves into the process, especially if people are already confused about what’s happening. 

With this much money on the line, scammers are viewing the second stimulus as an easy way to prey on people who aren’t sure how much they’re supposed to get, when they’ll get it, or where it’s coming from. The WCNC Defenders are issuing a warning and exposing stimulus-related scams after Americans lost $211 million in COVID-19 relief and stimulus scams last year. 

Americans can be vulnerable when money is involved. It’s human nature. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans reported just over 275,000 complaints in the last 12 months. 

Here are three things to watch out for as stimulus payments go out this month:

First, be aware of people offering to help in the process…

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