Scammers impersonate real breeders, trick people into buying pets that don’t exist


Dog breeder Leona Moat explains fake breeders have taken photos off her Facebook page and used her identity and reputation to con buyers. (Josh Szymanic, KSL-TV)

FILLMORE — Imagine somebody using your name to try to rip people off. It happened to a Fillmore woman who sells dogs. Now, scammers are using her identity to dupe people looking to get a new pet out of their money.

Leona Moat says she’s worked hard for the seven years she has been in the breeder business to establish a good reputation, but now that good work is quickly being undone.

“About a year ago, I noticed that people were taking pictures from my page,” Moat told the KSL Investigators.

Cybercriminals were stealing pictures Moat posted to Facebook advertising her real, legitimate dogs. Those pictures were then used to create bogus Facebook pages designed to trick pet buyers into sending money. But the photos were not the only thing…

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