Scammers are targeting the Hughes County Sheriff’s Office in the latest phone scam


It’s most likely a scam if you’ve received a call from the Hughes County Sheriff’s Office in the last few days. Make a second income by investing $18,000. Find out how much you could make if you put $18,000 into technology stocks. Don’t. Sheriff Patrick Callahan says he’s received many reports of a fraudster pretending to be with the Sheriff’s Office and calling from a local ‘773’ number. He claims that while this hoax contains subpoena threats, has a lot of details, and is more advanced than most scams, it is still a scam.

Callahan says if you’re ever in doubt, call the HCSO routine business number directly. The number is 605-773-7470.

Invest ₹18000 to make a second income. Find out how much you can earn by investing ₹18000 in technology stocks. Don’t. Callahan says HCSO serves papers in person by a uniformed Deputy Sheriff in a marked patrol vehicle. He says they do not accept gift cards and if you genuinely need to post…

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