Scammers are targeting APS, Amazon customers and tax refunds in Arizona » Scammer News


With more stimulus money going out, more people getting at-home deliveries and with the summer heat on its way, scammers are setting traps hoping to get your money.

They are three of the biggest scams around Arizona right now.

As temperatures rise, so does the need for air conditioning.

Scammers know it and are calling with “fake shut-off scams.”

Ted emailed the Let Joe Know team saying a caller told him he needed to pay an APS bill.

JB says his caller told him he ignored a charge to replace his meter. He says the caller ID showed APS.

In both cases, they were told crews were on the way to shut off the power.

APS says they never contact customers this way to demand immediate payment. Ted found that out by doing a smart thing- calling the real APS number before sending any money.

Fake phone numbers are a big scammer tool as Barb found out after being targeted by one of many Amazon billing scams.

Barb emailed saying she…

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