Scam warning as hacker techniques could target everyone – how to protect your money | Personal Finance | Finance


Scams can surface in various forms, however, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated in order to reel in more unwitting victims. They can occur over the phone, via text or email, or even through websites which appear to be legitimate. As a result, Britons are being urged to pay close attention so they do not end up parting with their hard-earned cash. 

As Mr Khanna explained, social media has now become the easiest place for fraudsters to obtain all of a person’s information – with posts about the number one song on the day someone was born, or their pet’s first name providing an open door to guessing security answers. 

As a result, Britons are urged to have the appropriate privacy settings in place on apps like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, and think about the kind of content they engage with. 

As a general rule, people should refrain from publicly sharing key details such as their date of birth or mother’s maiden name…

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