Top 5 Deepfake Scams that Stormed the Internet this Year

by Market Trends October 2, 2022

Deepfakes, which are increasingly utilized in scams, are phony computer-generated audio or video representations of a genuine person. It might be compared to a fusion of animation and photorealistic art. The occupations most frequently targeted in this new fraud are those in IT and computer programming. With the help of an AI-based deep database, we’re unable to recognize deepfake. In this video, we have added the top deepfake videos that amused and ravaged the internet all at the same time!


Robert Pattinson’s Viral Deepfake Video on Tiktok

Basically, Pattinson has stated in several interviews that he does not have any social media accounts, which is why his fans were super-excited to see his face appear in a Tiktok video, which was actually a deepfake! The account garnered over 660,000 followers since the first video was posted on March 24, this year. But his fans were smart enough to…

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