Scams are beginning to wear me down


Nicky Marr – coach/writer/broadcaster…Picture: Callum Mackay..

Can you just stop it now, please? Stop with the scamming texts, the phishing emails, identity thefts and the phone calls? It’s getting boring. It’s time-consuming, and one day my guard will slip, I’ll fill in my card details, and I’ll end up losing money. Maybe even worse than that, I’m losing my faith in humanity.

Already this morning I’ve fallen foul of three attempted scams; well, two scams, plus a phone call from someone who scammed a loan company and gave them my phone number instead of their own.

That doesn’t include two Facebook friend requests from people I’m already friends with.

First attempted scam today was a text from the Post Office, telling me my package was delayed due to an unpaid shipping fee.

Could I click the link, please, to pay and re-schedule delivery? “Bloody Brexit”, thought my early morning brain as I clicked the link. I’ve…

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