Scammers stole Rs. 75 lakh by learning online loan scam tricks from YouTube; China link emerges


In a shocking online loan scam, scammers stole Rs. 75 lakh by learning tricks from YouTube videos. According to reports, the scammers are investing the stolen money in cryptocurrency and there is even a China link.

Loan scams are nothing new. But now, the online space is increasingly being used to propagate these devious crimes. Recently, an online loan scam, operated from Madhya Pradesh, came to light where the scammers were luring in the victims using attractive loan terms. Once the victim was trapped, they would be asked to make an advance loan payment to get the money, and after sending the advance, the scammers would simply block the number. According to reports, the scammers involved in this particular online loan scam stole around Rs. 75 lakh in just two days. Later they would use the stolen money to buy cryptocurrency from different platforms. Read on to know the…

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