Scammers conned €50,000 from 40 people in one day » Scammer News


A record number of scamming reports have been filed with the police in the past 24 hours, they said on Thursday.

Police said they received around 40 reports from scam victims with more than €50,000 taken from their personal accounts by fraudsters.

Since April, people have been receiving convincing text messages and emails from banks and post operators, that con people into entering their financial details online. 

In just two months, more than 400 reports from victims have been filed with the Cyber Crime Unit with the total amount taken out of personal accounts reaching around €400,000.

In the most common scam, victims receive an SMS or e-mail with the company’s logo (like DHL or MaltaPost) informing them they have received a package. 

They are given instructions to press on a link and pay an administrative fee for the package to be delivered. Once victims press the link, they are taken to a fake…

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