Navigating the shady world of influencer cryptocurrency giveaway scams


Influencers are still hawking cryptocurrency and scammy altcoins to take advantage of their gullible fans.

By now, you may have seen a typical crypto giveaway on social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram from some of your favorite internet celebrities. It’s a fairly common marketing tactic among altcoins — give away some free coins to a lucky winner and bring some attention to the crypto they’re promoting.

But are even the giveaways shady?

Most cryptocurrency transactions are public record thanks to the blockchain. The blockchain logs transactions between crypto wallets, which is where people generally store their cryptocurrency holdings, sort of like an online bank account.

But, this is where things gets murky. One person can have multiple wallet addresses. Also, an individual’s identity is not tied to a wallet address either, that is unless the person has shared their wallet address publicly.

A recent follow-up…

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