Fortnite deleting accounts unless players use Social Security or credit card numbers for verification


Epic Games has teamed up with SuperAwesome to ensure a safer internet for kids. The partnership started in September 2021 but has recently been under the spotlight due to an unusual method of user verification. Moreover, many Fortnite players who haven’t verified their accounts have received a deletion warning. This has reportedly been happening since last week.

While this process is done to protect the youngest users on the internet, the two companies require adults to put in either a credit card number or the last four digits of their social security numbers to verify their kids’ accounts.

The community has complained about this, but it is very unlikely that Epic Games will change it. After all, this decision hasn’t been made by Epic itself. The company is obligated by law to implement this method of verification, which is unfortunate.

Many players are skeptical about this process and don’t trust the developer. However, they…

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