Scam Awareness Week brings ‘Let’s Talk Scams’ seminar to Tamworth to help community stay safe online | The Northern Daily Leader


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JUST as the last two years have seen the world move online, learning how to avoid and detect scams will be the focus for locals this week. If you’ve ever received an email or a phone call that just didn’t seem quite right, scam awareness sessions are set to take place to protect both your bank details and identity. Seeing first hand the impacts that these elaborate and sophisticated scammers have on clients, Jo Byrnes from Tamworth’s Cloudwize said raising awareness could save the community a lot of headaches and huge sums of money. “It can effect anyone,” she said. “They don’t discriminate, they’re looking for targets all the time.” READ ALSO: Ms Byrne said the majority of scams were carried out via emails that directed users to click on links, or provide personal information. “Never click on it, don’t open it,” she said. To help locals avoid the potentially devastating impacts, scam awareness seminars will…

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