Scam artists phishing for information


LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is warning Arkansans of a prevalent scam taking place across the state.

The method is called “phishing,” (pronounced the same as “fishing”) and it is when scam artists email messages to consumers that appear to pitch products or services, when in actuality, these emails are specifically set up to gain information, the AG’s office said in a news release.

Oftentimes, the message will alert the individual to a potential problem with their account and request the consumer provide private information like an account number, date of birth or Social Security number in order to remedy the issue.

“Phishing emails contain software that can harm your computer or track your activities on the internet without your knowledge. They are not only illegal, but they are dangerous to unsuspecting consumers,” the release said.

“I urge all Arkansans to be cautious if you receive an…

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