Scam alert: Pavers with ‘extra asphalt’ target Burrillville homes


BURRILLVILLE – Rhonda Hanaway was at home in Mapleville Friday, June 4 when two men pulled up in a white pickup truck at 8:15 a.m. and knocked on her door.

The men, who had temporary plates on the vehicle and a loud exhaust, wanted to provide an estimate for paving her driveway.

Hanaway said that while she would normally not open the door to the uninvited guests, she was less apprehensive since her family was home, and told the men she was not interested.

“It was very peculiar. He didn’t leave anything for me,” she said of the salesperson.

Hanaway, who owns Johnny’s Victory Diner along with husband John Hanaway, found the incident so strange that she posted about the incident on social media to warn her neighbors.

“Just wanted to warn others,” said Hanaway. “They may be legit, but not a good business plan.”

The following day, another Burrillville resident posted a story about the same situation with an unfortunate…

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