Samsung Unveils New Display Technology At Display Week


Samsung is never a company to stay silent for long. Just recently, the Korean OEM showcased some new display technology at Display Week 2021. During the keynote that Samsung gave, it revealed a new double folding screen technology, sliding technology, a new foldable tablet, and an under-display camera. This news comes to us from a Samsung blog post.

The double-folding phone concept looks interesting

Samsung Display Folding Screen Tech

Starting off the news is a concept for a phone that folds, not once, but twice. In the image, we see a lot going on with the phone. What first pops out would be the double crease running parallel down the phone. When fully opened, it looks like the aspect ratio will be close to that of 16:9.

On the right-most side of the phone, we see this odd plastic extension. This will be a very important part of the phone because it folds both inward and outward. This means that, when closed, one of the edges will be exposed. This plastic extension will cup and protect…

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