Samsung drops Tizen for smartwatches, announces collaboration with Google


Above: Samsung image of the smartwatches using the new WearOS.

An editorial by Samsung’s Janghyun Yoon, EVP and Head of S/W Platform Team

The smartwatch is an empowering tool. It connects us with the people we care about, gives us immediate access to a wealth of information, and helps us to better manage and understand our health – all from our wrists. As the role smartwatches play in our everyday lives continues to evolve, recent market data shows that wearables were one of the fastest growing device categories during the pandemic.

As a leading innovator in mobile experiences, Samsung constantly pursues new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. That’s why we decided to team up with Google, our long-standing strategic partner, to bring the best of our platforms together into one unified experience. As Head of the Software Development Team, I am thrilled to bring Samsung’s longstanding expertise in wearables to this joint…

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