Saginaw Township police stop envelope of cash from reaching destination in senior citizen phone scam


SAGINAW TWP, MI — Police in Saginaw Township foiled a phone scam that targeted an elderly resident, preventing an envelope of cash from reaching its destination.

On Thursday, Sept. 2, the daughter of a senior citizen contacted the Saginaw Township Police Department to report a fraud that had occurred against her mother. She told police her mother had received a phone call from a woman she mistook for her daughter.

This impersonator caller told the woman she had been arrested after being involved in a traffic crash. Shortly thereafter, the mother received another call from a man who claimed to be a lawyer representing her daughter.

This man convinced the Saginaw Township mother to ship an envelope with cash in it overnight to him via UPS. The cash was sent to an address in the Bronx, New York.

Upon taking the report, a Saginaw Township police officer immediately contacted the manager at the UPS Facility on McCarty Road. The manager had the package…

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