Sack Minister Swain, demands BJP


Several farmers of Athagarh have been victimised as Societies under Athagarh based Cuttack Central Cooperative Bank have issued fraud loans in their names at least two years ago.

When Birendra Pratap Swain, elder brother of Cooperation Minister and local MLA Ranendra Pratap Swain, was the president of the Cuttack Central Cooperative Bank, crores of rupees were embezzled from the bank by issuing fraud loans in the names of several farmers in Athagarh.

When the victims raised the matter before Minister Swain, the latter lent a deaf ear to their grievances, giving rise to a suspicion of his involvement in the scam.

However, a departmental inquiry has found gross irregularities in sanctioning of loans to the farmers worth over Rs 1 crore. Tainted employees involved in the scam have been sacked from their services and arrested as a part of departmental action.

Meanwhile, local BJP…

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