Russia testing new anti-GPS satellite technology – Geospatial World


Our world increasingly depends on satellite technologies. Not only do commercial satellites provide a vital link in the global ecosystem of data sharing, but they also provide the technological basis for the GPS, and are therefore crucial as sources of geospatial data.

It’s also been apparent for many years, however, that our satellites are fragile, and could be knocked out by a determined adversary. Plans for anti-satellite weapons were, of course, a feature of the closing years of the Cold War, but now it seems they are back in vogue. A report released this month indicates that Russia is testing Anti-Satellite (ASAT) and Direct Ascent Anti-Satellite (DA-ASAT) technologies that could threaten Spacecraft in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), and eventually, Geostationary Orbit (GEO).

These reports are concerning, especially at a time when the number of satellites is set to increase significantly, and it is becoming clear that Space traffic management will be…

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