Russia-India-China Triangle Amid Stormy Geopolitics


India-China relations is at one of its lowest points, India-Russia defence engagement strives to sustain its strategic rationale, Russia-China alliance is on an upswing, while India-United States strategic partnership continues to exude a positive arc. 

As the virtual Foreign Ministers’ meeting of the Russia, India, and China grouping (RIC) concluded, its relevance in the new geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific calls for a reassessment. 

The international system is encountering an uncertain balance of power, with the United States not exhibiting the kind of overwhelming influence it used to, and China’s rise across the military and economic dimensions creating regional and global disruptions. 

While the global power configuration is certainly not a bipolar one, the growing U.S.-China great power rivalry is threatening the prospect of a multipolar order. Moreover, the pandemic, which should have brought countries together ideally, has not really…

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