Rudy Giuliani says Feds raided his iCloud as well as apartment


NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) – Rudy Giuliani said federal investigators seized material from his iCloud while he was representing former President Donald Trump during his impeachment.

Giuliani appeared on Fox News a day after federal agents raided his Manhattan home and office. FBI agents seized the former New York mayor’s phone and other electronic devices.

“The prosecutors in the Justice Department spied on me,” Giuliani said on Tucker Carlson’s show. “These are tactics only known in a dictatorship – where you seize a lawyer’s records in the middle of his representation.”

Manhattan federal prosecutors have been investigating Giuliani in connection with his lobbying work in Ukraine in 2019. The focus of the probe is on his efforts to oust the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, according to the New York Times.

The prosecutors’ search on Wednesday came months after they had initially sought approval for a search warrant for Giuliani’s home and office from the Justice Department, but senior officials in Washington declined to approve it during the Trump administration for several reasons, including the proximity to the presidential election and Trump’s challenge to the results, according to a person familiar with the case.

Senior Justice Department officials under the new administration didn’t block the warrant, the person said.

“I think they should be investigated for blatantly violating my Constitutional rights, the president’s Constitutional rights in the middle of the impeachment defence,” Giuliani said. “They invaded – without telling me – my iCloud. They took documents that are privileged, and then, they unilaterally decided what they could read and not read.”

Jim Margolin, a spokesman for Manhattan US Attorney Audrey Strauss, declined to comment on Giuliani’s claims.

Giuliani spent more time during the interview criticising the Justice Department, which he labelled the “department of injustice,” for failing to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter than he did discussing his case.

Though the agents who raided his home at 6am treated him respectfully, he said, they refused to take hard drives that he said belonged to Hunter Biden.

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