Rogers phone service scam targeting customers in Mississauga and Brampton


Published April 2, 2022 at 4:37 pm

Residents should keep an eye out for this new scam text related to major phone service company Rogers.

The text alleges to be a message from Rogers, stating that they received a request to transfer your phone number to another service provider.

The message urges you to click a provided link if you wish to cancel the request. It looks like this:

This message is a scam — Rogers says it will never ask customers to provide personal or account information through email or text.

The link instead of a direct Rogers link is also a giveaway that this isn’t an authentic message.

“Be cautious if you’re prompted to respond quickly or urgently, provide information or click on a link or attachment,” Rogers advises customers who get scam texts.

“Instead of clicking a link or opening an attachment, which can house malware, go directly to the source’s official site by searching in…

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