Roanoke Democrats fill vacant leadership posts | Govt and Politics


New leadership has been selected by the Roanoke City Democratic Committee to replace several officials who resigned or went on leave, including indicted Roanoke Councilman Robert Jeffrey Jr.

Jeffrey, who is scheduled to be tried next month on two felony embezzlement charges, took a leave of absence from the role of first vice chair, according to newly elected committee Chairman Luke Priddy.

The committee went through a period during the summer with three of the top five executives leaving over a few days – but has since rebuilt its executive ranks from a combination of new and former members.

In the July wave of departures, former Chairwoman Beth Deel and former Secretary Barbara Andes quit the committee for what they said were personal and family-related reasons. Priddy, who had been treasurer, also quit.

Priddy also declined a nomination to succeed Deel as chair. At the time, he said he did not feel that he would have had sufficient internal support…

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