Risk managers tap into new technology


Technology tools, including web portals and exposure mitigation techniques, have become critical parts of modern risk managers’ arsenals, helping to inform and automate a range of functions.

Employing such tools can help policyholders with day-to-day risk management and claims, and even improve insurance purchase outcomes.

“I don’t think anybody can do their jobs without using these tools nowadays,” said Alumine Bellone, vice president, risk management, at Ardent Health Services LLC in Nashville, Tennessee, referring to the portals and other technology provided by insurers, brokers, third-party administrators and others.

Ms. Bellone uses FM Global’s My Risk platform daily and uses portals from other insurers and brokers intermittently. “They all seem to be pretty much the same,” displaying a dashboard to navigate functions after accessing the system, she said. She uses broker platforms to access policies and…

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