Revitalizing Whitaker Park: Plan nears fruition for business campus, local economy | Local


Tamisha Clark, Cook Medical’s local general manager, said Thursday that the company “remains committed to move our Winston-Salem operations to Whitaker Park.”

“While COVID-19 has impacted our timeline, we have continued architectural planning for our future move and look forward to publishing our new construction timeline post-COVID.”

Cook is moving its local workforce of 650 to the facility, as well as pledging to add 50 jobs over 10 years.

Cook is a privately owned family business with facilities around the world. It designs, develops and manufactures medical devices that are used to perform minimally invasive medical procedures, such as colonoscopies that use long flexible tubes with cameras to examine colons.

“We see Whitaker Park as an impact project in that we are converting a facility that manufactured cigarettes into a modern facility producing life-saving medical devices,” Barry Slowey, president of Cook’s Winston-Salem location,…

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