Retro tech: Vintage Computer Festival West comes to Mountain View | News


The Computer History Museum in Mountain View will host the 2021 Vintage Computer Festival West. Courtesy CHM.

When it comes to technology, is newer always better? At the Vintage Computer Festival West (part of the Vintage Computer Federation), it’s the early and old tech that’s in the spotlight, with the two-day event celebrating history of computing through expert speakers, demos, and a chance to buy and sell vintage equipment.

Speaker highlights include Bob Purvy discussing his new novel, “Inventing the Future,” a fictionalized account of the development of the Xerox Star; Bil Herd and Margaret Moribito discussing their book “Back Into the Storm: A Design Engineer’s Story of Commodore Computers in the 1980s”; and Liza Loop discussing the history of computing in education.

Planned exhibitions include “Analog Computing in the 1960s,” “Rare Computers from Japan,” and “but can it run Doom?”, among many others.

The festival will be held Saturday,…

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