Restaurants Seek Relief; Grocers Tap Store Data


Today in restaurant and grocery tech news, McDonald’s U.K. names a new CMO and runs out of milkshakes. Plus, Raz Golan, CEO of smart cart technology company Shopic, talks about updating the in-store experience.

National Restaurant Association Urges Congress to Replenish Relief Fund in Response to Delta Variant

Restaurants are in danger — that is the message that the National Restaurant Association is communicating to Congress through an open letter sent on Tuesday (Aug. 24) regarding the threat that the delta variant poses.

Smart Carts Bring Data Analytics Into Grocery Aisles

In-store technologies bring digital convenience into grocers’ physical aisles. Raz Golan, CEO and co-founder of smart cart technology company Shopic, speaks with PYMNTS about how these integrations can revitalize the store experience with a “whole new world” of data insights.

McDonald’s Names New CMO, Market Leaders

Fast-food behemoth McDonald’s on Tuesday (Aug. 24)…

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