Republican David Perdue plans to run for Georgia governor in 2022


“Perdue’s only reason for running is to soothe his own bruised ego, because his campaign for U.S Senate failed to inspire voters at the ballot box — twice,” said Kemp spokesman Cody Hall, giving a taste of the brutal campaign to come.

Not long ago, it seemed Perdue’s political career might be over. He ruled out a comeback bid against U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock and began building a new estate in coastal Georgia. But as grassroots unrest with Kemp dogged his campaign, Perdue months ago began quietly calling donors and activists to sound out a campaign.

He seems assured, too, of winning the endorsement from Trump, who has already backed a slate of Georgia GOP candidates who backed his efforts to overturn the election. The former president has publicly encouraged Perdue to run and recently warned the “MAGA base will just not vote” for Kemp.

And in interviews, Perdue has tried to promote himself as a “unifier” who can rally Trump loyalists…

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