Republic and Dallas-based Nada Launch Real Estate Index Investing ‘Built for the People’ » Dallas Innovates


Anyone who wants to invest in real estate can now do so—in Dallas, Austin, and Miami—through a new investing product from Republic and Nada. 

Called Cityfunds, the launch combines the best of both companies.

New York-based Republic is an investment platform that allows early-stage startups to raise up to $1.07 million from anyone—friends, family, fans, etc.—using regulation crowdfunding. It puts the power in the public’s hands, allowing them to invest in the future they believe in.

Nada is a Dallas-based digital real estate startup that offers an alternative solution to the traditional commission structure of selling a home. The vertically integrated platform democratizes real estate wealth, completely transforming a real estate transaction into a full homeowner service relationship.

Cityfunds marries the two….

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