Report points to migration, education as keys to Cleveland’s economic revival


To grow Greater Cleveland’s economy — and improve the lives of its residents — regional leaders ought to focus more on two things: migration and education.

That’s the crux of a new report produced by Rust Belt Analytica, a local company that is using artificial intelligence to mine huge data sets for insights. The research, commissioned by Global Cleveland, creates a blueprint for the decade-old nonprofit but also suggests a broader framework for economic development.

“The more dynamic our region is by people migration, the more dynamic our economy will be. And the more growth and prosperity there will be in our region,” said Baiju Shah, president and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Partnership and a Global Cleveland board member.

“In economic development, we speak often about the companies that migrate in or expand into an area,” he added. “And that’s very important. We speak less of the people and the talent migration and the importance of that…

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