Record sale followed by eBay-PWCC squabble, Topps-Fanatics bombshell – The Athletic


News out of the trading card industry this week was mixed, to be polite.

On Sunday night, a T206 Honus Wagner card sold for $6.6 million, the new price record for any card at a time when marks are being topped with some regularity.

On Tuesday, eBay sent shock waves through the industry when it sent a note to card buyers that it was kicking PWCC Marketplace off the ecommerce site. Why? Accusations of shill bidding, which is the practice of bidding on your own items to artificially drive up the final sale price.

Thursday brought news that sports apparel and merchandise goliath Fanatics will assume the baseball card licensing held for 70 years by Topps Inc. – the trading card industry’s granddaddy that itself reached a special type of merger deal in April with financiers who planned to take it public

On Friday, Topps announced that the April deal struck has been called off and it will remain a private company and produce…

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