Realtor Diaries: Portland Maine


Photo-Illustration: Curbed, Photos: Getty

In the past year, the real-estate market has, well, gone berserk. Houses are going for millions over asking in Boise and Albuquerque. Buyers are offering to name their firstborn baby after sellers. In this biweekly series, Realtor Diaries, we hear from the people at the center of it all — the 2 a.m. emails from clients, the 16-hour workdays, six days a week, and the all-cash offers coming in from people who’ve never once seen the property they’re buying. Today, an hour-by-hour glimpse into the working world of Nina, 44, a power broker in Maine.

5:30 a.m. My husband leaves for work at this time every day. I like to get a little “me time” in during these early hours, so sometimes, I’ll hire a babysitter early in the morning and go for a run with…

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